Our services

Preventative care

Initial examination and routine Check-ups for adults and children

  • X-rays
    • intraoral
    • 2D – panoramic
    • 3D - CBCT
  • Treatment plan creation based on your needs and wishes

Dental hygiene

We use our gentle APMaster for ultrasound tartar removal and airflow

removal of stains and pigments with special polishing fluoride paste

local fluoridation

patient motivation and instructions for home care

Restorative dentistry

  • Caries (cavities, decays) treatment in adults and children
  • Esthetic white fillings (composite, glassionomer) and restorations
  • Onlays and overlays (composite, ceramic)
  • Root canal treatments and retreatments using a surgical microscope
  • Post-endodontic treatment with prosthetic follow-up

Root canal treatment

No extraction, we save the tooth!

Are you experiencing over days growing toothache? Persisting pain on cold? Pain on hot stimuli? Pain resisting common painkillers? And you do not want to loose your tooth, but wish save it? It is time for a Root Canal Treatment!

Are you experiencing toothache connected with pressure change (airplane, vacation at sea or high altitude venue)? Did you notice an abscess with pus formation and evacuation? Do you have an uncomfortable feeling of pressure in the area of a devitalized tooth? Pain when biting? Or you have a referral for this specialized treatment (RcRT) from your dentist? I tis time for a Root Canal Retreatment!

After an examination including an X-ray/ CBCT and aplication of local anesthesia, we precisely clean your troubling tooth incuding its root canals under our microscope and then reconstruct the tooth in one or more sessions, depending on the situation.

Our goal is to relieve you of pain.

Prosthetic dentistry

  • Fixed dental replacements = replacing a missing tooth or larger sections of teeth loss due to caries or injuries while conserving the roots and/or implanting
  • Veneers
  • Overlays
  • Crowns (metaloceramic, zirkonia, highly esthetic whole-ceramic)
  • Bridges (solving the problem of the loss of one or more teeth by bridging the gap and anchoring to the neighbouring teeth) – metaloceramic or highly aesthetic all-ceramic bridges


We do not trouble you with taking impressions, we simply scan the situation with our Cerec Primescan.

Our temporary replacement never lets you leave without a smile.


An implant is a titanium screw used as a replacement, when a tooth or more teeth are lost due to deep caries destruction or an accident.

A crown is then fixed to the screw to regain lost fiction and to obtain a very natural look.

Adjacent teeth are spared and biting pressure is dispersed evenly throughout the jaw.

We use high quality sweedish Astra Tech implants.

Dental surgery

  • Extractions of premature (deciduous) teeth
  • Extractions, including complicated cases
  • Apex resections
  • Implants (Astra Tech Implant System)
  • Bone augmentation
  • Periodontal surgery

Teeth whitening

To have your healthy teeth even whiter, we offer you two possibilities:

  • office whitening – a 90 minute process in our dental chair
  • home whitening – application of whitening gel into custom made trays in the comfort of your home

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